Project Examples

Types of Services We Offer:

  • Process Development Projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Equipment design and Building
  • Manufacturing Process Consulting
  • Proposal Writing
  • Forming Project Teams
  • Government Subcontractor

How Ceralink Has Worked with Companies:

  • General Electric
    • Ceralink led team: developed novel microwave brazing process
    • Patent issued, Ceralink assigned IP rights to GE
  • BASF
    • Ceralink assisted BASF in procuring $5 mil, 5 year DOE grant
    • BASF led team: Ceralink hands on process development
    • Focused on clean recovery of precious metals
    • Assisted scale-up pilot plant
  • ThermoAura (start-up company)
    • Ceralink led team: created continuous process for new nano-thermoelectric ceramics
    • Demonstrated improved quality and efficiency
    • Designed scale-up manufacturing