Ultra High Temperature Microwave Assist Technology

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Technical Overview

Many ultra high temperature materials require pressure or sintering additives to obtain high density. Pressure adds considerable cost to the process, and sintering additives adversely affect strength and hardness. UHT MAT was developed to enhance sintering through accelerated diffusion. The addition of microwave energy allows for hard to densify materials to be pressure-less sintered and decreases the amount of sintering additives required for full density.
  • UHT MAT is the combination of conventional radiant heat 1,800°C (3272°F) and microwave energy, i.e. graphite furnace + microwave
  • The addition of microwave energy enhances diffusion and assists with sintering UHT material i.e. SiC, B4C, TiB2
  • UHT processing is used for materials requiring extremely high temperatures due to several factors, especially strong covalent bonding in ceramics.


Advanced ceramic components are critical to a multitude of industrial machinery and processes, especially with regard to cutting tools and wear-resistance applications. These components have traditionally been manufactured by hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) or hot pressing (HP) ceramic powders at very high temperatures for extended periods of time. While successfully utilized for many components, these processes are expensive and time consuming and have limitations in shape and part complexity.


Ceralink identified the need for new ceramic processing technologies at ultra-high temperatures (>1800 °C) and has been designing and developing Ultra-High Temperature Microwave Assist Technology (UHT MAT™) to meet it. UHT MAT has the potential to reduce processing costs and achieve improved properties in finished products. Ceralink is currently working on a project to compare the energy efficiency and product properties of pressure-less sintering UHT MAT vs. conventional methods

Working wth Ceralink

Contact Ceralink to learn more about UHT MAT furnaces and processing. Ceralink's laboratory scale UHT MAT furnace is available for toll firing, process development and demonstrations. Ceralink also offers UHT MAT furnaces of all sizes through our partner companies. Get a quote today!