Contract Research and Development

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Ceralink understands that continued materials and product development will support your future growth. Our highly focused client projects are geared towards giving your company the competitive edge. Contact us today to see how a relationship with Ceralink can benefit your business.

Experience. Accountability. Confidentiality.

Ceralink has a unique team of highly skilled hands-on engineers, offering:
  • A private well-equipped materials laboratory
  • Scope of work, designed experiments, gateway approach
  • Experience with government proposals and subcontracts

Plan. Action. Report.

Ceralink will help your business establish feasibility for new products and processes quickly and efficiently. R&D requires a solid plan with built-in flexibility to respond to new information. Finding the right balance is tricky, but doing so will save your company time and money.
  • Careful, intelligent planning
  • Accurate, reliable deliverables
  • Communication, documentation and comprehensive reporting

Design. Build. Test.

We take your process from prototype to product. To develop or improve processes, you need knowledge of what already exists as well as the ability to adapt and innovate new methods. These are Ceralink's strengths, along with intimate understanding of materials, and the ability to work in a team with our clients.
  • Consult with Ceralink engineers for process improvements
  • Develop new products
  • Work with Ceralink in your lab or ours
  • Perform cost benefit analyses and manufacturability studies
  • Avoid unnecessary steps and expensive mistakes
For more information on how you can work with Ceralink, see our Capabilities Presentation or Project Examples and give us a call. We can also introduce you to exciting opportunities in Microwave Technology and Additive Manufacturing .