Materials Testing

Ceralink offers analysis of your materials and products in all phases of development. After many years in this business, Ceralink has the right relationships to cut the time and cost of analysis. We pass that savings on to our customers.

Analyze. Understand. Report.

We have expert knowledge of characterization techniques to help you understand your metal and ceramic materials:
  • Expertise in Advanced Materials
  • Confidential Materials R&D and Testing
  • Rapid Results
  • ISO & Nadcap Accreditations

Materials Testing Services

  • Load Control HCF
    • ASTM E466, D3479,C1360
  • Tensile Testing
    • ASTM E8, D638, D3039, C1275, C1359
  • Bend Testing
    • ASTM D790, D2344, C1161
  • Compression Testing
    • ASTM D695, D3846
  • Non-Standard tests

If you need a test not listed here, please contact us
to see how we can adapt to meet your needs.
Brad Stocking, Director of Lab Testing Services
Phone: 740-695-8851

Premier Mechanical Testing Facility

Reliable. Prepared. Robust.

  • Robust facility infrastructure
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Temperature and humidity controlled lab area
  • SilentFlo Hydraulic Power
  • 23 Servo-hydraulic test systems including 16 MTS Landmark Generation
  • Temperature to 2650F
  • Long Duration HCF >500M cycles