Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™)

Energy efficient. Property improvements. Scalable.

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Technical Overview

  • The combined and simultaneous application of radiant heat and microwave energy
  • Proven industrial trials to reduce cycle time and energy usage by more than 50%
  • Compatible with conventional gas and electric kilns, batch and continuous
  • Lower manufacturing costs and faster production
  • ROI of typically 1 to 3 years on a MAT kiln


Ceralink has been working with Microwave Assist Technology for over 10 years. Our team includes some of the world's foremost experts in microwave equipment and processing. Ceralink has performed feasibility studies for more than 50 companies, and as many material compositions. Working with our furnace and equipment partners, we have sold several laboratory and production sized MAT kilns.


Structural Ceramics: alumina, zirconia, ZTA, silicon nitride, boron carbide, magnesium oxide, aluminum nitride, tungsten carbide cobalt, armor, wear pants, bio-ceramics, cutting tools, sputtering targets, metal filters, honeycombs, nano materials, transparent ceramics

Electrical Ceramics: PZT, PMN, barium titanate, sensors, actuators, relaxors, accelerometers, insulators, dopants, fuel cell electrodes, MEMS

Bricks and Clay:high alumina, sanitary ware, plates, tiles, recycled products

Working with Ceralink

Our in-house MAT equipment allows us to provide MAT testing and process development to our clients. Our background in ceramic engineering and materials science enables us to understand client goals for product structure, properties, and handling. As a business, we understand costs, efficiency and the bottom line. Contact us for:
  • MAT process development
  • MAT toll firing
  • MAT equipment design and kiln building
Ceralink provides process confidence through feasibility studies and works with kiln manufacturers to ensure you get the equipment you need. Contact us for a quote today!