Additive Manufacturing at Ceralink

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Materials include:
  • Oxide and non-oxide ceramics, powdered metals

Ceralink in-house capabilities:
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)
  • Tape fabrication – any tape cast material
  • Precision laser cutting and stacking
  • Laminated and sintered parts

Additive Manufacturing thru Partners
  • Robocasting extrusion
  • Binder jetting

Ceralink AM Products

Ceralink has partnered with CAM-LEM to offer laminated object manufacturing (LOM) equipment and products. Standard equipment meeting the specification below is available immediately. Custom equipment can be designed and built by our team to meet your needs. Ceralink also had LOM equipment in-house, and can offer prototyping and part fabrication.


Part Size Up to 5 inches - larger sizes possible
Feature Size X-Y feature 2.5 mm diameter
Limitations Wall thickness 1.0 mm, inside radius 0.1 mm
Accuracy General tolerance: +/- 0.5%
Cutting Speed 5-80 mm per second
Process Speed Typical jobs: 1-3 minutes per layer per part
CAD Compatibility STL and DXF file formats